Church Lane

Church Lane ground has served as the home of New Mills A.F.C for almost a century. Located opposite the Parish Church of St. George’s, Church Lane is a relatively small and cosy football pitch that is quite well-known among football fans in the region. It has a capacity of up to 1,400 people (covered terrace), but the covered seating capacity is limited to 104, courtesy of four times two rows of benches, which can hold up to 13 people apiece.

Facilities at Church Lane

The ground comes with a large car park which is more than adequate for the average 200 people attending the club’s home games. It also has an all-weather, wooden-walled five-a-side pitch which is usually used by the lads for training. However, the pitch is also available for rental. Aside from the pitch, the club also rents out the clubhouse, which is located just behind the away goal above a gently sloping bank. The bank also gives the away goal a unique characteristic which is probably unequalled by any other pitch in the country – it slopes upward. It’s certainly worth mentioning to any traveling companion, in case they start to question their vision.

Anyway, the clubhouse is a warm and vibrant place, not least because of the bar and snack bar found inside (sometimes you might even get to see the club chairman, Mr. Ray Coverley, taking orders and preparing drinks).

Interestingly, the technical areas and dugouts for the home and away team are not lined up next to one another. Instead, they are situated on separate sides of the field.

Despite its quaint charm and historicity, the club is actively seeking an alternative ground. An aggressive development proposal for a new stadium at Ollersett Fields was submitted last year, but it was unfortunately rejected by the town council.

Direction to Church Lane

The ground is located at a highly accessible location. If you’re coming from the Northwest (Stockport), use the A6 until you reach the Town Centre. Take a left at the Queens, and drive on for another half a mile, and you’re three.

If you’re traveling from Derbyshire, follow the A6 bypass and turn right into Marsh Lane at New Mills. The ground is located a mile down the road.

If you need additional assistance, ask anyone you see – everyone knows where Church Lane is located.